*Why it’s the right time to buy in Navi Mumbai ?

There was never a concept of RIGHT TIME to buy a property in Navi Mumbai. For over 2 decades the whole scenario of this place has changed and since then every single day has been the right time to buy due to extra ordinary infrastructure evolution in Navi Mumbai. Waiting further will see a huge but steady increase in demand for affordable luxury housing and NAVI MUMBAI will become another SOBO. There is a big list of upcoming infrastructure plans in this Smart City which going to become hotspot for the property buyers and it will need a full book to cover the details. It has been the right time long ago.
Those 9000+ families who had brought houses in this decade will be patting their backs for the wise decision and thanking SPACE INDIA.

* What locations are suitable for different segments?
Not only India but all over the world, Panvel has shed its image in the recent years and has transformed into the most sought-after realty destinations, be it affordable homes or business parks.
The proposed Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link (MTHL) will change the horizons of Panvel as the wall of separation between Mumbai and Panvel will disintegrate due to this link. CIDCO would develop BKC Kharghar which would be double of current BKC.
Panvel is one of the best locations as far as road connectivity is concerned. The Sion-Panvel Expressway, NH-4B and NH-17 start from here while NH-4 passes through Panvel. The roads are wide and well maintained by the local municipal corporations. In case of bus transport, there are two main bus stands in Panvel – the ST stand on the national highway and the NMMT stand near the railway station.
Reduced Travel Times, Proposed Panvel CST Fast Train with different Track which reduced the Travel Time from 2 hours to 45 minutes, Improved Current Train Frequency, Metro from CBD to Panvel with 11 stations, Extenstion of Harbour Route via Karjat to Kalyan which expected to 2200 crores of investment.
Navi Mumbai/Panvel has a very special characteristic. The growth and development plans have been worked out in such a way that the population will need not be separated into segments. You have ultra modern luxurious tower projects which will have a very decent and comfortable affordable housing very next to them. In SPACE INDIA we have been catering to all segments of the society and we have been successfully satisfying most of them.

* How are customer aspirations changing and how are developers planning projects accordingly?
Change is always the ESSENCE which drives our society. The changing concept of having a MICRO family, this generation is willing to spare the EXTRA BUCKS but they are looking for ultimate comfort and value for their money. Projects are planned based on the demand, be it comfy affordable housing at some distance from railway stations or close by with luxury amenities inside the project. Projects are also planned keeping in mind people’s demand for a week end gateway. However in spite of meticulous planning sometimes we end up unable to satisfy all our customers. We are continuously striving hard to overcome this situation.

* Did you have any special offers? If so what was the response?

It is a common practise during all exhibitions to have some sort of special offers. Particularly for our one of the Luxurious Project “Balaji Symphony” we are providing different offers to our customers i.e. Free rent upto Rs 50,000 for 1 year (Post possession) and Free Floor Rise Scheme, so that customer can buy home on any of the floor without paying extra cost.
Customers nowadays are well informed and thus this makes it simpler for us to drive across the whole concept of buying a property in Navi Mumbai. Irrespective of these facts still SPECIAL OFFERS and maximum finance availability are used to attract foot falls in the stall.


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