Real Estate Company In Panvel, Navi Mumbai - Space India

Core Values & Mission

Opportunities are like shooting stars they present themselves all the time. Just look up into the night sky and you will see one right in front of your eyes. Shooting stars occur even during the day, but are hidden by sunlight.

Success comes to those who are perseverant and patient enough to spot them in the night sky. However, greater success comes to those who are dynamic and innovative enough to see these opportunities in the brightness of the day and make the most of them. Space India’s philosophy adheres to the belief that the impossible can be thought, acted upon and eventually achieved. Seeing Shooting Stars during the day is just the very beginning of Space India’s dynamic endeavour.

Our mission is fueled by an attitude of viewing every challenge as an opportunity worth its weight in Gold not just for us, but for countless families looking to realize their most cherished dream; that of finding their very own ‘Jannat’ in the mayanagari of opportunities; Navi Mumbai.

More than just builders, we look at ourselves as your vision partners. Standing testimony is our achievement of selling the

  • Highest number
    of Flats

  • Highest number
    in Terms of Value
    at the recently concluded Mangal Parv
    organized by Times Property

  • Highest number
    of Area

It has catapulted us to being acknowledged as one amongst the most preferred real estate companies in Mumbai.