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Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a blessing. To every Space Indian, colleagues are a second family one comes back to every morning. It is the people we spend most of our living hours with. Having both; them and a stimulating work environment is truly a blessing. At Space India, we are of the firm belief that family isn’t necessarily blood. It’s the people in your life, who want you in theirs. People who share your space throughout the day, encouraging you to innovate and excel every step of the way. People with whom you grow with and reach the very summit of your potential.

To Space India, the team is everything. Our presence as Navi Mumbai’s leading realty company can be attributed to the dynamism of a passionately committed workforce comprising many departments, all working in unison, towards achieving one common goal; namely, customer satisfaction through value addition. Our awards and rewards program along with many internal celebrations stand testimony to this very cohesive bond of collective growth.

Current Openings

Life at Space India is not exactly a bed of roses, but a maze of challenges. However each challenge, an opportunity opening the doors to the next level.

Space India will excite you, stimulate you and inspire you to leave your comfort zone and move onto unchartered territory. It is what separates the achievers, the leaders and the trendsetters from ordinary mortals.

Current Openings

Position Location Educational Qualification Work Experience Apply Now
Telesales Panvel, Neral HSC Or Graduate 0-3 Years Apply Now
Sales Manager Panvel, Neral Graduate 3-5 Years Apply Now
Digital Marketing Executive Panvel Graduate 1.5-2 Years Apply Now
Graphic Designer Panvel Graduate 1-2 Years Apply Now
Content Writer Panvel Graduate 2 years Apply Now
Web Developer Panvel Graduate 1-2years Apply Now
Accountant Panvel Graduate 2 Years Apply Now
Sales Manager CRM Panvel Graduate 1-2 Years Apply Now