Top Premium Construction Companies In Panvel, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai

What We Do

Space India, true to its name is about the celebration of space, be it residential or commercial.

Being a responsible builder in Panvel, Navi Mumbai, our endeavour focuses on addressing the need for real value realty spaces in the dynamically evolving suburbs of Panvel, Khopoli, Neral, Karjat, Rasayani etc. This will be realized through a three pronged service initiative that involves real estate marketing, property development and property consultancy.

Already standing testimony to it is a track record featuring 20+ successfully completed projects comprising 10000+ flats and 15 ongoing ones. Each project designed and planned in meticulous detail by a highly seasoned team with experience of over 600 person months in innovative realty. Our aim is to ensure that every Space India project qualifies as a landmark worth its weight in gold.

Space India, one of the top builders and developers in Mumbai is more than just another real estate developer. We see ourselves as a transformational catalyst, inspired by a vision of a smart future for all Indians irrespective of demographics and financial status. From High-end lifestyle ambiences to well designed economy homes, our project portfolio has something for everybody.

Real Estate Marketing

At Space India, we are of the belief that Value goes beyond the structure. It is in the feeling of being looked after every step of the way the moment a customer steps into our office. Which is why, we offer a complete 360’ service support beginning from providing detailed project information, assistance during the documentation process to unconditional support even after the buying process. Adding greater value is our in-house housing loan department that helps customers in understanding their eligibility/processes and later assists them in availing loans from prominent banks at the best interest rates in the market.

The Space India expertise in realty finds its roots deeply entrenched in our thorough understanding of its ground realities, greatly helping our foray into the much complex realms of land identification and acquisition, even for other real estate companies in Navi Mumbai.

All in all, it’s about ensuring a win-win situation for all, the landowner, the municipal corporation, the government, the environment, the developer and the most important of them all….YOU.

The Space India Marketing team comprises a highly qualified, result based planning team of professionals ably supported by a proactive, customer-first and service oriented sales team. It also comprises of an army of telemarketers well versed with the nuances of the business and trained to offer solutions to both, basic and complex issues pertaining to it.

The Space India Marketing team recently won an award for the highest number of area, value and flat sold by an individual in Mangal Parv at the recently held Times Property exhibition. Its innovative strategy saw the team register a record of records by achieving 95+ confirmed bookings for Balaji Symphony, creating a Vishesh Moment, not just for Vishesh Group the builders, but for the whole Space India group.

The Space India Team recently won Mid-Day’s - Best Promising Real Estate Company of The Year Award 2017 for Navi Mumbai Region.

With a client base of 10000+ customers, the team is geared up and ready to redefine the real estate business in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and take it to the next level.

Construction & Development

With a new government in place, construction in Navi Mumbai is gaining momentum and is progressing at a never before pace. The skyline is transforming and Space India is spearheading the change with a series of landmark projects that will soon dot the landscape.

The Space India Construction and Developmental mechanism involves streamlining organizational systems and operations, setting up quantifiable targets and working on them through continuous compliance and process enhancements. Being a green organization, our process involves utilizing materials and services that are environment-friendly. Through our landscaping projects, we are effectively addressing the bio-diversity of the project’s surrounding environment, enhancing it ten-fold.

  • Corporate Governance: Space India ensures transparency in all construction processes, be it internal or external and conforms strongly to all existent development norms.
  • Team: Space India construction and development process is bolstered by a seasoned and experienced core leadership team and supported by a highly qualified implementation team. The team comprises renowned architects, knowledgeable structural engineers, draughts men, talented interior designers and supervisors ably supported by a skilled workforce. Emphasis to employee training process monitoring and performance reviews are the norm.
  • Quality Control: Space India follows the highest quality standards while procuring materials and services during project execution.
  • Project Management: Space India’s project management infrastructure finds its very basis on our ability of associating with the best in their respective fields.

All these factors working in tandem in establishing us as one of the top construction companies in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai.

Land Acquisition

Current Scenario

In India, One-third of the land is under reserved forest, which cannot be touched. Then, there are water bodies, and a huge part of the remaining land is for multi-crop irrigation. This cannot be put to commercial use as over 60 per cent of the population feeds on income from agriculture.

If the country has to grow faster, the infrastructure sector has to play an important role. India will need to build 700 to 900 million square metres of commercial and residential space, 350 to 400 km of metros and subways and 19,000 to 25,000 km of road lanes every year to support its growing urbanization, as per a 2010 McKinsey report.

The new Land Acquisition Act mandates that the land acquirer - either the state government or private entities - will have to take consent of the displaced. If land is acquired for public-private partnership projects, consent of 70 percent of the affected parties will be required, while for private projects 80 per cent consent is mandatory. This is in addition to doing a social impact assessment and R&R. Given the complete process, the time to acquire land is estimated to be around 56 months by industry bodies and consultants.

Most established residential builders in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai find this too complex and time consuming, in short; unviable.

The Space India Approach – Simplistic and friendly.

The Space India approach to land acquisition is on a more win-win equation with the existent owners, in most cases farmers, landowners etc.

We encourage farmers to willingly give their land for our projects, by either making them "partners" in the developmental projects or purchase them by paying them the current market rates for their land. In both cases, our projects provide employment to a member of each family whose land Space India has acquired ensuring a climate of growth and goodwill all around.

This way, we ensure that the sons and daughters of the soil benefit not just once, but all their lives through the Space India initiative. All our dealings are in strict adherence to the current Land Acquisition laws ensuring no headaches in the future to societies formed by residents of our complexes.

On the anvil are plans to facilitate an effective CSR program for the rehabilitation of displaced families and setting up schools and playgrounds for their children.

Our rapid growth and the blossoming of a multitude of Space India residential projects in record time all across Navi Mumbai stands testimony to a healthy mutually beneficial relationship between Space India and the farmers/landowners.